Senior Marketing Manager

Ashley Romagnoli

“I'm not following anybody's tracks, I'm making my own baby.“
— Picabo Street

Amesbury, MA - Business Development
About Ashley

In my role, I'm focused on promoting the Imarc culture and expertise to both future and existing clients! I get to collaborate with our project teams to design and create the best marketing campaigns, all while determining the next strategic marketing initiative for the agency.

When I'm not at Imarc, I may be skiing in New Hampshire, or adventuring with my husband and puppy, Nori!

Work Experience

Growing up in a family operated business, I always had an interest in “how can I get more business in here, how can I make this place look even better to attract visitors?!” ... Well, fast forward to college, where I studied Business Administration at Saint Michael’s College, and soon after began my professional career in the tech industry! Since that first day, I’ve been working as a marketing professional, working to create the best story for companies, attracting the best clients!

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